2020 AKAA Reunion Cancelled

Greetings to all Auburn Knights Alumni and Friends,

As President of the AKAA, it’s my sad duty to tell you we have cancelled the 2020 AKAA reunion due to the continuing impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

This decision was a tough one that only came after much careful thought and a great deal of soul searching because, quite frankly, our annual reunion has never been cancelled. However, the serious challenges imposed by this pandemic gave us no other choice. Ultimately, your AKAA Board voted unanimously to cancel this year’s event. Your AKAA Board will now begin moving out smartly to plan next year’s reunion.

Please know the Marriott Grand National staff has been very understanding and supportive in helping us reach this decision. First, the hotel waived our $4,000 contract cancellation fee. Second, our contact at the Marriott informed me this morning that the room reservations already made by some of you have not been processed yet for the first night room rate deposit per our AKAA contract rate. If you see that charge show up on your credit card, they will gladly refund the deposit. Just keep a check on your statements and contact Marriott reservations to resolve it if it shows up as a charge. We’re already working on a new contract with the Marriott for our 2021 AKAA reunion that will celebrate 91 years of the Auburn Knights! At present, that event will happen either the second or third weekend of July 2021. Stay tuned for more information!

We’re all adjusting to a new kind of “normal” as a result of this pandemic and the things we’ve already done—social distancing, closing restaurants and bars, cancelling concerts, restricting church services, etc.—have significantly affected our lives. That said, Americans, especially our Auburn Knights family, are resourceful people. We’ll continue to work to “flatten the curve” and, ultimately control this virus.

I know this cancellation is a bit of a setback to all of us who dearly love our annual gathering. In the months to come, I hope and pray that you, your families, and loved ones will stay safe and healthy through these uncertain times so we can reunite next year. Please take care of each other and, when you can, show your appreciation to those working the front lines of this pandemic—first responders, health care professionals, grocery store workers, truck drivers, any and all who are doing their best to support us.

Warmest regards and…Long Live the Knights!

Joe Daughtry

President, AKAA


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