2011 Book, Alabama Musicians, Includes Knights

Alabama Musicians book coverIn 2011, The History Press published a book titled Alabama Musicians that mentions Knights alums Jim “Teeny” Mahaffey (AKO 1957-’61), Toni Tennille (AKO 1959-’60) and Dave Edwards (AKO 1959-’62). The author is C. S. Fuqua who has an extended description and reviews of the book on his website. Below is the description from the publisher’s page.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan traveled to North Alabama to record with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm section, also known as the Swampers. But Alabama hasn’t just attracted musical stars with its talent—it also has a history of creating stars of its own. Join author and musician C.S. Fuqua as he showcases the breadth of Alabama’s musical talent through the profiles and stories of its historic performers and innovators. From the “father of the blues,” W.C. Handy, to Hank Williams, the originator of modern country music, to folk music hero Odetta and everyone in between, this is an unprecedented compendium of Alabama’s groundbreaking music makers.


As happens a lot, and is understandable, the pages that mention us tie us more closely with the university than we actually are. The section on p. 118 opens, “Auburn University’s big band, the Auburn Knights has been performing professionally since September 1930.” Aside from that, it’s a very nice three-page mention and has a great, half-page picture of the band with the three above musicians.

Below is a link to the publisher’s page for the book. If the link expires, the ISBN is 9781609491574.

Alabama Musicians: Musical Heritage from the Heart of Dixie, from The History Press

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