Naming Names

Peter BlaiseWay back in October, 2012, outgoing AKAA Board president Peter Blaise wrote a note for the membership. It was edited down to fit the December 2012 Bridge. Below is the full, unedited version.

Although I passed the AKAA President baton to Dave Edmunds almost three months ago, I wanted to express my thanks to all of you—AKAA members and friends as well as AKAA officers and board members—for allowing me to serve as your President. As for the AKAA board, the association is blessed to have such an exceptionally talented group of folks working hard to ensure the continuity of the AKAA as well as the current band. If I named names—and believe me, I thought about it!—I would need to name the entire AKAA board membership to thank them for their extraordinary commitment to the AKAA. I have been honored to play my small part in their work of the past seven years.

One name I will laud is that of my hero, Charlie Higgins. His zest for life and the love he has for the Auburn Knights are extremely palatable…and contagious! He is an amazing man. If you haven’t thanked him for his dedication to the Knights and his labor of love that is our annual reunion, please do so.

During this year’s AKAA reunion, I lost count of how many of you asked if I was glad my two-year term of President was over. The short answer is no. I’m going to really miss my involvement with the AKAA officers and board. I’m already checking the calendar to see when I’ll be able to throw my hat in the ring for another three-year term as a board member. Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to July 2013 and our celebration of the 83rd birthday of the Auburn Knights Orchestra. Perhaps this year I’ll have time for a round of golf.

Long live the Auburn Knights! Peter Blaise

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