‘Cause It Took So Long to Bake It

First Row, left to right: Rick Verra, Willie Hammett and Hubert Liverman. Second Row, left to right: Rick Bean, Duke Pickett, Bob “Fop” Richardson, Sam Timberlake and Steve Scott.

Submitted by Victor Atkins, Jr. (AKO ’47-’48).

This is a picture of Bob Richardson’s birthday party in November of 1964. I found out from Hubert Liverman (AKO ’65-’66), who was one of the ones who attended the party that someone brought a big beautiful birthday cake covered in white icing. When Bob cut the cake, inside, instead of cake, were a bunch of cans of Budweiser beer (see picture). Bob said it was the nicest birthday cake he ever got.

I had a hard time identifying everyone in the picture, but with the help of Hubert Liverman, Sam Timberlake, Jane Drake, Sonny Harris, Fritz Siler, Dale Quillen, Boots Butenschon, Ken Hammett, Willie Hammett, Teeny Mahaffey and Norm Bolden I believe we got them correctly ID’ed.

UPDATE – 5/7/2013 – from Steve Scott (’61-’65)I worked in the girl’s dining hall at Auburn, in the quadrangle. I bought a case of Budweiser, wrapped it in white butcher paper, iced and decorated it. When it came time to cut the cake, Bob was being silly (like the rest of us) and stabbed the cake instead of slicing it. The puncture resulted in a “geyser of ‘weiser.”  Bob got glassy-eyed and said “Gentlemen, this is my finest hour, I have struck Bud.” The picture was taken on my Brownie camera. Don’t know why the date is November, except I was usually broke and it probably took that long for me to afford to get the film developed, ha ha.

My wife Adleyn (Adleyn Sturkie, in those days) and I have a “wall of fame” which has her mentors and heroes (Flo Hiatt, Bob Eakle, Billy Tamblyn, etc.) and mine: Bob, Bodie Hinton and Tommy Goff. The snapshot is one of the pictures on the wall.

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