Knights Banned in Auburn!

Submitted by Frank “Boots” Butenschon (AKO ’58-’60) with sincere apologies to the guys on the band during these events and super apologies for any error in memory by a 74-year-old cat who loves the Auburn Knights and all the precious memories.

The world famous Auburn Knights had just finished another superb performance at the KA Old South Ball at the University of Georgia. Agnes the bus was in the shop so it was everyone for himself as far as transportation was concerned.

Somebody had secured a Buick station wagon with a trailer hitch and a 14-foot trailer. I know it was Toni Tennille, Jim “Teeny” Mahaffey, Herb Edwards, Larry Jones, I think Sonny Harris and me in the Buick with the trailer and all the equipment loaded up.

Larry Jones was driving as we approached a very small town, Auburn, Georgia! Well, we blew thru at about 60 mph and as we did, I saw a 1954 police pursuit car sitting on a side street. I looked back and sure enough here they came, red lights on and siren blowing.

Toni, Teeny and I were in the back seat. It must have been real cold because Toni and Teeny were under a big coat trying to stay warm.

I leaned up and told Larry the law was after us, to which he replies, “They’ll never catch us!”

Herb, the wise one, said, “Jones, they have a radio. Pull this thing over!” He did, leaned back in the seat and lit up a Lucky Strike.

The law pulled up behind us, took our tag number, and the officer walked up to the driver door with his ticket pad and pencil out, looked at Larry, Larry looked at him and very cooly said, “I’ll have a hamburger and a coke, baby!”

I saw the cop start shaking, and the next thing I knew he jerked the door open and was pulling Jones out of the car! Toni, who is no petite lady, came over me out of the back seat screaming, “Don’t you hurt his hands!” Jones was the piano man.

Well, they carried us to a church for court and said our fine would be something like 2 or 3 hundred bucks. Silver-tongued Herb explained we did not have cash but showed the check from the KAs and begged them to take our check and let us go. Herb was business manager then. They agreed and we lit out of there presto!

Monday AM we talked to a lawyer in Auburn, Alabama, who told us to stop payment on the check and that we had better never, never, never, never go thru Auburn, Georgia, again.

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