Scholarship Recipients: “Thank you, AKAA”

From Charlie Anne Grimes…

Reunion was wonderful this year! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each era’s band! It was an honor to sing for you as well. It is always a little intimidating to realize that I am performing for men and women who have much more experience than me. I consider myself blessed to be able to carry the great tradition of the Auburn Knights Orchestra into its eighty-first year!

I would like to thank you for your decision to grant me a scholarship this year. I cannot begin to express how much my family and I appreciate your generous gift. I will endeavor to excel academically and to represent the Auburn Knights Orchestra well this year. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you all at next year’s reunion.

From Eric Shaw…

Thank you for the generous scholarship presented to me at this year’s reunion. It is an honor both to receive the award and to play with the band. Your gifts undoubtedly will enhance my educational experience at Auburn University. Playing with the Auburn Knights has been nothing but rewarding and I look forward to continued involvement.

From Jimmy Johnson…

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks for awarding me the AKAA scholarship this year. Your financial support over the past 5 years (whoa!) has made my academic journey much easier than it may have otherwise been. I’m growing very close to the conclusion of my degree, so hopefully this will be the last time I will have to solicit your support.

As an aside, I had an absolute blast this year at reunion. It warms my heart every year to take part in the magic of Knights Reunion, and to see how much this organization means not only to myself and current members, but also to members from years past. I hate that I have to wait 11 months to do it all again. Maybe by the time I become an alumnus, the reunion will be held biannually!

Oh, and one last tidbit. Earlier in the summer I contacted the AKAA looking for a new saxophone. As of 2 weeks ago, I am the proud owner of a new P. Mauriat System 76 (2nd edition) alto sax. The horn plays like a dream, and even better than my Selmer Serie II. It’s like going from driving a Kia to a Cadillac, and I certainly recommend the horn to any sax players out there looking for an upgrade.

Thank you all again for everything!

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