2010 Auburn Knights Reunion Audio and Video

If you didn’t get a chance to place your order for recordings of the 2010 AKAA reunion concerts while you were at the reunion, we wanted to remind you that ProCAT Audio Video Productions is now accepting orders via their web site. If you scroll down through their list of “Recent Events” you should see links for the following purchase options:

  • You can purchase a complete 4-DVD set of all eight concerts for only $30.00.
  • Alternately, you can purchase DVDs for individual era bands for $20.00 each.

You can add the companion audio CD for that band for an additional $5.00 (see web site for details).

There will also be a single $5.00 charge for tax, shipping and handling on your order. Should you have any questions, you may contact ProCAT directly by email at info@procatav.com, or by phone at 205-668-1122.

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