2009 Auburn Knights Reunion Audio and Video

If you didn’t get a chance to place your pre-order for the audio or video recordings of the 2009 Auburn Knights Reunion concerts at the reunion, we wanted to let you know that these recordings are now available for sale at the Kelsey Creative Media web site! Each concert was professionally recorded, and in addition to the audio recordings we are offering a special DVD compilation of the entire 2009 reunion weekend. Each concert is included in this one-of-a-kind multi-disc DVD collection. The DVD also includes the following special bonus features:

  • A 2009 AKAA Reunion Video Scrapbook: Camera personnel worked all week to capture the magic moments that make the AKAA reunion so special.
  • Special interviews with AKAA President Jana Calano and other AKO superstars.

The cost for each individual concert recording is $12, including shipping and handling. The cost for the multi-DVD video scrapbook is $39.99, including shipping and handling. Visit the Kelsey Creative Media web site to place your order! Note that if you did pre-order, we have received word that Kelsey Creative Media currently anticipates a delivery date of early to mid-October.

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