AKAA Library Needs

A message from Tom Winstead:

The library is growing a little (1897 charts) and getting into better shape as some of the older charts are rewritten and recovered for use. To do that properly, I need to find tapes for several charts, since proper recovery is to keep the structure like it was originally intended. Carol Cunningham wrote wonderful charts, and Jay Owen has reconstructed several, and graced the reunion with the original intent. We have most of “I’ll Remember April,” by Cunningham, but need a recording to get the reconstruction right. There is also a good-looking chart on “Without a Song,” arranged by Gerlach, but without any rhythm parts, and I would like a recording so we can recover that chart for use.

We also need a copy of the Alto I part to a Wolpe chart on “Chattanooga Choo Choo” which has gone missing from the 70-80’s band library.

Please send what you can to Tom Winstead, 12002 Mt. Charron Drive,
Huntsville AL 35810, and I will return your copy promptly with many thanks.

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