Knights Alumni Perform at College of Education

Jane Drake sent this report about the performance for the Auburn University College of Education on Auburn-Florida Game Weekend (October 16, 2006).

Dean Fran Kochan of the AU College of Education set up our group of music makers under a big white tent beside the new Ag Heritage Pavilion, which looks like a cute red barn. It was a great place to perform outdoors.

The temperature was mild, the sun was out and a breeze was briskly blowing. There was plenty of barbecue and fixin’s.

We called ourselves the Auburn Knights Orchestra Alumni Group. (And we have this picture to prove it. The smallest “cat” is Patrick’s son.)

Auburn Knights Orchestra Alumni Group Photo

The band nucleus was Steve Means subbing on drums; John Norton on keyboard; Richard Garrett on bass; Patrick Bruce on guitar; David Zuwiyaa on drums; Cecil Welch and Daniel Tidwell on Sax. Cecil was there during the first half and Daniel, who is in his last year on the current Knights, came on board during the second half of the gig.

Daniel told me he is from a small town in Alabama with no high school jazz program. Amazingly he didn’t get interested in playing jazz until he arrived at college. You certainly wouldn’t know it by hearing his inventive playing. We really appreciated the support from one of the current Knights.

One delightful surprise was when Steve took to the drums (he seldom does) with his old trio of many years, The Wineheads. John, Richard and Steve performed a beautiful Beatles medley ending with one of my favorites “Norwegian Wood.” And believe me, they didn’t miss a lick. They sounded like they’d been rehearsing all week, but I know they couldn’t have been.

I held down the vocal duties and had a blast singing through some of my favorites. Dean Kochan — a long time supporter of the Auburn Knights — was all smiles. The crowd was appreciative (No, I don’t think it was the wonderful barbecue…surely not!), and we were heard as well by hundreds of passersby. The tent was set up right by the roadway. The weather was sunny and mild. It was great to be among the crowd and the action on game day in Auburn. One thing for certain, there was an mass of orange and blue covering just about every inch of campus and much of the main roadways for as far as one could see. I think I heard that 87,000 people were in the stands for the Auburn-Florida game that day.

The icing on the Aubie-flavored cake that day was the Tigers’ spectacular win over Florida. After our bitter loss the week before, we all enjoyed this win to the max. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that 2nd half. And we certainly enjoyed entertaining the people passing by and through the College of Education Tent before the big game.

War Eagle to All Auburn Knights!

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