A Note from Tommy Goff

Vic Atkins forwards this message from Auburn Knights alumnus Tommy Goff:

I have been fortunate enough to hear all of the Auburn Knights Orchestras since 1951 and I believe the 2006 version is as good as any of them! I’m even more sure that the current trumpet section is better than any of the past ones, and I’m including ones that had Don Culley, Rudy Blackmarr, Ronnie Bretz or Rob Cothran in them. And, although it has been a long time since Toni Tennille was on the band, I believe the current vocalist, Dorsey Tippett, is every bit as good as Toni was!

In 1965 it looked very much like the Knights would fold – like every other college dance band apparently did – but all who heard their performance Saturday night would agree, I’m sure, that the band is going great and will be around for many years to come. Many thanks to Steve Means and Dale Quillen for realizing back in 1965 that having reunions and performing at them would turn things around and contribute greatly to the future success of the band.

I would appreciate your sending this note to other Knights, especially the current ones.
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