Reports from Hurricane Katrina Survivors (Update 1)

Jana Burns reports that Khari Lee is back in Auburn, safe and sound. We also have a report that Peter Cho is at his parents’ house in Auburn.

Judy Hill-Sullivan sent us a report about her parents, Bob and Lorraine Hill:

“My parents Bob and Lorraine Hill are safe in a motel in Columbus, Mississippi. Their home in the Biloxi, MS, area is a total loss, together with most all the Knights’ history. I had a few of their things at my house while workingto inventory a few records from which Dad would prepare Knight orchestration. I kept forgetting, and KEPT forgetting to bring that signed 75th anniversary booklet to Dad… thank God. On Sunday, September 4th, I delivered that booklet and their cat, Missy, whom I’d rescued Thursday, September 1st, from grim circumstances at a damaged veterinary clinic in the Biloxi area.”

As noted in the previous report, if you have information on any other Auburn Knights from the affected areas, please contact us. We will do our best to post updates on this Web site as soon as they come in.

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