Reports from Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Auburn Knights Alumnus (and New Orleans resident) Brian Graber sends this report by way of Vic Atkins:

“… My house flooded since it was near the levee. As the storm approached I evacuated to Shreveport thinking I would return after a couple of days to New Orleans. But as scenes appeared on TV of the flooding I realized I couldn’t stay in a Motel 8 forever so I am temporarily staying with my mom in Auburn until it becomes more clear what is next for us. For now we are happy we are alive and have each other. So let other Auburn Knights know we are alright and I hope the same thing for Brother (Atkins), Bert Cotton, and other Knights who live in my area.”

Vic adds that Brother Atkins and family are in Birmingham, Charlie Dennard is in Japan, and he thinks that Bert Cotton was on an out-of-town gig.

As of this writing, we don’t have any information on Peter Cho, Khari Lee or Nicki Rivers. If you have information on these people, or any other Auburn Knights from the affected areas, please contact us.

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